The dog-friendly hiking trails and dog walks on cape cod.

dog walks and pet-friendly hiking trails on cape cod

Looking for the best places to walk your dog on cape cod? Check out these great dog-friendly cape cod hiking trails. there are many miles of trails and paths that travel through unspoiled cape cod forests, beaches, and state parks.

Please remember all dogs should remain leashed unless otherwise noted, and clean up after your dog – don’t give the rest of us dogs a bad name! Working together we can keep these great trails open to dogs while preserving the beauty of Cape Cod’s hiking trials.

Also remember to check yourself and your dogs for ticks when you’re done – they’re everywhere on these trails! Learn more about ticks on Cape Cod.

Many of the best dog walks on cape cod are open to pets all summer long so you can make some new friends!
Many of the best dog walks on Cape Cod are open all summer long. A perfect place to make some new friends.


Barnstable has a list of trail guides for all of their dog-friendly hiking trails. Or click on the ones listed below to see them.

Bridge Creek

View Trail Map | View Guide

Crocker Neck

view map | view guide

map of hathaway's pond trail

Hathaway Pond trail

view map | view guide

Long pond trail

view map | view guide

Old Jail Lane Conservation Area

view map

Otis Atwood

view map

map of the trails at sandy neck beach in barnstable
map of the trails at sandy neck beach in barnstable.

Sandy Neck

trail map | beach info

Santuit trail reserve

view map | view guide

West Barnstable conservation area

view map | note that there’s a shooting range in part of this conservation area. nearby trails are closed for hiking for some reason.

Wheelan conservation area

view map | view guide

Chewie hiking in the woods on a trail in Brewster, MA on Cape Cod.
Chewie hiking in the woods on a trail in Brewster.


Cape Cod Rail Trail

click to view pdf map of the cape cod rail trail

view rules view map

The cape cod rail trail allows dogs all summer long, and is a great place to walk on a smooth surface with easily accessible parking.  There’s lots of variety depending on the town and the section of trail you’re walking.

be aware of keeping a short leash when bikers come zooming past. It can get busy during the summer season.

Eagle Point

The entrance to little cliff pond in Nickerson state park in Brewster.
The trail around Little Cliff Pond is a short loop that lets you explore three different Cape Cod kettle ponds in a natural wooded setting.

Nickerson State Park

nickerson state park trail map
click to enlarge the nickerson trail map

view map

There are some great long dog walks within nickerson state park, including paths around Big Cliff Pond, Little Cliff Pond, Flax Pond, and the remote Higgins Pond. Lots of wooded trails for exploring as well.

Great fishing, camping, boating, kayaking, picnicking, and bicycling too! Great for families, although ponds can get busy on hot summer days.

There is a daily fee for entry into the park. dogs not allowed on large beaches. learn more about Nickerson State Park.

The view from the trail overlooking Little Cliff Pond at Nickerson State Park.

John Wing Trail

Seasonal access for leashed dogs in a really nice setting. View details on John Wing Trail. This trail is located next to the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History. Please note dogs not allowed on museum property year round.

Dogs swimming off of South Beach in Chatham. Similar to Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge, some of the best trails on these islands are accessible only by boat.


Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge

click to view map of monomoy island

view pamphlet and map from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

monomoy island is 2750 acre wildlife refuge off the coast of Chatham that makes a very rewarding day trip by boat. it is perhaps one of the best ways to experience the natural environment of the cape shoreline.

The pristine shorelines are muddied somewhat by the overpopulation of seals. Swimming should be done cautiously as the waters around monomoy are prized hunting grounds for great whites. Learn how to avoid getting bitten by sharks.

Monomoy Island has evolved from a series of smaller sand-spit barrier island in the late 1800’s to become connected to the mainland in the last century. The island split in two during the 1978 blizzard, and continue to evolve today.

Noth Monomoy is about 2.5 miles long, and South Monomoy is 6 miles. There is a great diversity of species, so it is essential that your dog stays under your control and doesn’t disturb nesting birds or other wildlife. Clean up all pet waste, and leave no trace.

Morris Island Trail

view pamphlet and map from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Map of morris island trail in chatham ma
Map of the hiking trails on Morris Island in Chatham.

Morris Island is a much easier way to experience the natural wonder of the Monomoy Wildlife refuge.

Connected to the mainland, this 50 acre area offers a 3/4 mile walk highlighting the different habitats of the cape cod shoreline:

  • beach
  • sand dunes
  • forest
  • salt marsh
  • tidal flats

Map of the Old Colony Rail Trail in Chatham, MA
Map of the Old Colony Rail Trail in Chatham, MA

Old Colony Rail Trail

view rules and map

Dogs are allow on the old colony rail trail, but keep a close eye and a short leash to avoid getting tangled up with bikers in the busy summer season.

Three dogs walking on a trail in Brewster, MA on cape cod.


Cape Cod Rail Trail

view cape cod rail trail rules

This cape cod trail is a former railroad track beginning Dennis that stretches throughout several towns on the cape.  The paved bicycle trail has dirt sides, and is great place to walk your dog for people with difficulty walking more primitive wooded hiking trails.

The cape cod rail trail gets very busy in the summertime, so be wary of bicyclists and keep a short leash on your dog when things are busy to avoid accidental collisions.

Chapin Beach Conservation Area

Chapin beach doesn’t allow dogs during the summer season, but pet owners may follow the 4-wheel drive oversand vehicle tracks to the left of the public beach and walk the conservation area of the beach and sand flats year round.

Dogs must be on leash at all times.  Beach parking sticker required during summer beach hours.

Crowe’s Pasture Conservation Area and Beach

Crowe’s Pasture’s trails showcase wildlife in a series of nature-rich cape cod habitats. dogs must remain leashed at all times.

Dirt roads allow access, but the trails are rough. As you walk the dirt trails, make sure to watch for approaching vehicles. Easier parking can be had near the cemetary.

Indian Lands Conservation Area

Indian lands conservation area has a dirt road and wooded path. There is access to Bass River with scenic views of the river and marsh.

Note: there is private land to the left of the power lines, please stay on the marked paths.

Trail Map of the Indian Lands Conservation Area in Dennis, MA.
Trail Map of the Indian Lands Conservation Area in Dennis, MA. Click to see a larger version.


Cape Cod Rail Trail

view rules view map

Cottontail Acres

Cottontail Acres is conservation land in Eastham with hiking trails through wildflower meadows situated alongside Herring and Jemina Ponds.

view map of cottontail acres trail

Nickerson Conservation Area

25 acres of conservation area with trails by several ponds. Nickerson conservation area in Eastham is located on Herringbrook Road, with parking at the Cole Road Herring run.

view map of nickerson conservation area trail

Sandy Meadow Open Space Land

view map of Sandy Meadow Open Space Land trail

Upper Boat Meadow Conservation Land and Shouth Eastham Conservation Area (SECA)

Wiley Park: Lady Slipper Trail

The Lady Slipper Trail can be found in the Wiley Park Conservation Area. Lady slipper trail provides a walking path through the woods near Great Pond and Bridge Pond.

There is also a beach at Wiley Park with parking and restroom facilities. Be aware dogs are not allowed on town beaches from June 15 – Labor Day.

View map of lady slipper hiking trail at wiley park and surrounding trails

Trail map of the Ladyslipper Trail at Wiley Park in Eastham.
Trail map of the Ladyslipper Trail at Wiley Park in Eastham.

Nugget the puggle walking into the woods in Falmouth, MA on Cape Cod.


Beebe Woods Trails

Beebe woods is a 383 acre property with lots of great hiking trails. 

View Beebe Woods Trail Map

The Knob

The Knob in Woods hole is a beautiful conservation area with great harbor views. Dogs must be leashed at all times. Limited parking. 

Due to the popularity of the knob with visitors, this area has a very fragile ecosystem. Please help preserve this area by staying on trails, and please pick up all dog waste. View website for the knob

Long Pond conservation area

The trails at Thompson's Field in Harwich are nice and wide, but you still need to check your dog for ticks when you're done your hike.
The trails at Thompson’s Field in Harwich are nice and wide, but you still need to check your dog for ticks when you’re done your hike.


Cape Cod Rail Trail

view rules view map

Hawks Nest State Park

Dogs are allowed at hawk’s nest, there’s some nice wooded areas and a small kettle pond that await you after a somewhat bumpy trail ride in.

Be nice to hawks nest. The natural beauty of this place is suffering due to visitors. Take an extra piece of trash with you when you leave. wear sandals, going barefoot not recommeded. there’s broken glass in the parking area as well as the trails to the water and, occasionally, in the sand near the water.  🙁

There’s two tiny sections of water access with limited beach area. there’s usually lots of kids and people in the summertime, and only a few feet of shoreline to sit on depending on water level. let your dog have fun splashing around.  but be considerate, not everyone loves a big wet dog jumping on them.

please dilligently clean up all dog waste, even in the parking area and trails located away from beach. The rain runoff pushes bacteria back towards the water. gross. erosion of the parking area is an ongoing issue.

Herring Rive trail/ Bells Neck Road Conservation Area

Old Colony Rail Trail

view map

Thompson’s Field Conservation Area

Dogs are no longer allowed off-leash at Thompson’s Field, but it’s still a great place to walk your dog in Harwich. Watch out for ticks!


Lowell Holly Reservation

View trail map

Mashpee River Woodlands

View trail map

South Mashpee Pine Barrens Conservation Area

View trail map


Cape Cod Rail Trail

view rules view map

Kent’s Point Conservation Area

Paw Wah Pond Conservation Area


Long Point Trail

Long point trail is one of the best nature walks in america. You’ll pass by two historic lighthouses on your way to the far tip of cape cod.

Beginning off commercial street in provincetown, long point trail passes over a dike that becomes submerged at high tide. Be sure to time your journey, plan to pass at low tide. bring lots of water in hot weather, and extra poop bags.

learn more about long point trail


Scorton Creek Marsh – Murkwood Conservation Area


BearBerry Hill and Bog House

View info and trail map

Kettle Pond Trail | Cape Cod National Seashore

dogs not allowed in pond

North Pamet and Truro Hills

View trail map


Cape Cod Rail Trail

more info view map

Kettle Pond Trail | Cape Cod National Seashore

Dogs not allowed in pond. View map


Historical Society of Old Yarmouth trail

more info | view map | view map showing old golf course holes

Know of any great dog walks or dog-friendly hiking trails on cape cod that we can add to this list?

We’re always looking to find new places to walk dogs on the cape – please let us know.

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