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brewster: Dog-friendly activites

There are lots of great activities and things to do with your dog in Brewster, MA.

Find a dog-friendly beach, find a new restaurant that allows dogs, and learn about hotels that allow pets, or a pet-friendly hiking trail.

Find dog-friendly rental properties in Brewster, MA. Search on Vrbo for the best deals on Brewster summer rentals that allow pets.

dog-friendly places to stay in brewster

Want to learn more about where to stay with your dog in Brewster, MA?

There a few Brewster hotels that allow dogs. It’s best to book early to get a room in the summer, the best hotel options in the area for pet owners fill up quickly.

You can search to see what hotels have rooms available.

There’s also a bunch of Brewster rental properties that are pet-friendly, including some beachfront cottages. This is a great option for families. Plus your dog will enjoy having a yard to pee in.

Your best bet is to search Vrbo to see what’s available. You’ll get better selection when you book early.

Dog-friendly beaches in Brewster, MA

Below is a list of all the dog-friendly beaches in Brewster:

To learn more about beaches near Brewster that allow dogs during the summertime, check out our complete list of beaches on cape cod that allow dogs.

Crosby Landing Beach in Brewster allows dogs only during the offseason, a dog rule shared by all Brewster beaches.
Crosby Landing Beach in Brewster allows dogs only during the offseason, a dog rule shared by all Brewster beaches.

Dog rules and regulations for brewster beaches:

  • Dogs and other pets are not allowed on public beaches, tidal flats, landings, and public ponds between the dates of May 15th – September 15th.
  • Dogs are allowed in the offseason only, from September 16 through May 14 each year.

To learn more view brewster beach rules, parking info, and sticker pricing (including dog rules) or see beaches on cape cod that allows dogs during the summer.

dog-friendly restaurants in brewster

There’s a lot of great places in Brewster where you can eat with your dog.

View our updated lists:

dog parks in Brewster, MA

Brewster has lots of chatter about dog parks each year. There are lots of supporters, and lots of opponents. But still no dog park.

In 2013 Brewster formed a dog park committee. In 2017 the town select board approved a location for the dog park to be built on town-owned land located behind the Police Station at 631 Harwich Road.

The project was sent to bid in 2019 but deemed too expensive. It was rebid again in 2021.

stay tuned…

dog-friendly campgrounds in brewster

There are some great campgrounds in Brewster that allow dogs. To learn more about camping with your pet on cape cod check out our updated guide to dog-friendly campgrounds on cape cod.

nickerson state park

map of nickerson state park camping area
Click to view the full size map of nickerson state park’s ponds, camping area, and hiking trails.

Nickerson state park has some of the best dog hiking trails and ponds where dogs can swim on cape cod.

lots of ticks too, so if you’re hiking in the woods bring your bug spray and check your dog for attached visitors when you’re done.

Daily parking is $8 per cars with Massachusetts license plates, and $10 for out of state vehicles. view nickerson state park’s website for more information on camping, dog rules, and visitor parking rates.

there are many miles of hiking trails, cross country ski trails, the cape cod rail trail, and paths from many of the camping areas down to glacier-formed kettle ponds.

nickerson offers great swimming, fishing, boating, and endless acres of unspoiled cape cod nature. some of the bathrooms can get a little rugged in terms of cleanliness (and bugs!), but the campsites are both large and inexpensive for cape cod.

nickerson state park pet policy

dogs are not permitted on the main beaches at big cliff, small cliff and flax ponds, which tend to get crowded on summer days, but trails around these ponds can lead you to a deserted stretch of shoreline perfect for fetching a tennis ball. an unwritten rule in nickerson state park’s pet policy: pick up your dog’s poop please.

just remember to clean up after your dog, don’t give the rest of us a bad rap.

dogs must be leashed, and shouldn’t be left unattended at the campground.

Shady Knoll campground

Dogs are shady knoll campground, but cannot be left unattended at campsites. view shady knoll campground’s website.

Sweetwater Forest

sweetwater forest campground allows dogs – they even have Dog day care available! Adorable. view sweetwater forest’s dog rules

dog walks and hiking trails in brewster

Brewster is full of places to walk with your dog. To fine the best dog walks on cape cod check out our guide: hiking trails on cape cod that allow dogs.

Cape Cod Rail Trail

click to view pdf map of the cape cod rail trail

view rules | view map
The cape cod rail trail allows dogs, and is a great place to walk on a smooth surface with easily accessible parking. There’s lots of variety depending on the town and the section of trail you’re walking.

be aware of keeping a short leash when bikers come zooming past. It can get busy during the summer season.

Eagle Point

Nickerson State Park

nickerson state park trail map
click to enlarge the nickerson trail map

view map

There are some great long dog walks within roland c. nickerson state park, including paths around Big Cliff Pond, Little Cliff Pond, Flax Pond, and the remote Higgins Pond. Lots of wooded trails for exploring as well.

there’s some of cape cod’s best fishing, camping, boating, kayaking, picnicking, and bicycling too! Great for families, although ponds can get busy on hot summer days.

There is a fee for entry into the park. dogs not allowed on large beaches.

John Wing Trail

Seasonal access for leashed dogs. View details. Located next to the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History. Please note dogs not allowed on museum property year round.

Want to find other great places near Brewster to walk your dog? Check out these guides:

Did we miss any cool activities for dogs in Brewster, MA on Cape Cod? Let us know.

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