dog running on south beach in chatham

chatham: Dog-Friendly Activites

Chatham has lots of fun things to do with your dog. The public beaches don’t allow dogs in the summertime, but there’s still tons of other fun activities. Food, long walks, remote beaches accessible only by boat.

Find dog-friendly rental properties in Chatham, MA. Search on Vrbo for the best deals on summer rentals in Chatham that allow pets.

Dog-friendly hotels in Chatham

Chatham has always had some of the nicest places to stay on Cape Cod. The problem was that most of them didn’t allow pets.

But thanks to the advent of sites like Vrbo there’s more pet-friendly rental properties and rental cottages in Chatham then ever.

Search Vrbo to see what’s available for rental properties. Try to book early if you are vacationing in the summertime, the best places to stay in Chatham that allow pets tend to fill up very quickly.

Looking for a hotel? Check to find out what’s available.

There’s definitely less pet-friendly hotel options, but if you book early you can get a sweet spot at the Chatham Bars Inn or other cool hotels.

Caesar and Nugget play in the water off of South Beach in Chatham.
Caesar and Nugget play in the water off of South Beach in Chatham.

Dog-Friendly Beaches in Chatham

These dog-friendly beaches in Chatham allow pets in the offseason only, from September 16 – April 30 each year. Dogs are not allowed on Chatham beaches in the summer!

Beaches that allow dogs in Chatham:

  • Cockle Cove Beach
  • Forest Beach
  • Harding Beach
  • Jackknife Harbor Beach
  • Oyster Pond Beach
  • Pleasant Street Beach
  • Ridgevale Beach
  • South Beach
  • Lighthouse Beach

Want to learn more about beaches in Chatham that allow dogs? View our guide to all the great dog-friendly beaches on cape cod or view Chatham’s Beach regulations.

Chatham Light is dog-friendly in the offseason only.
Nugget stared up at the entrance to Light House Beach in Chatham, where dogs are allowed in the offseason only.

Restaurants that allow dogs in chatham

Looking to take your pet with you when you go out to eat? Check out our updated lists:

dog walks and hiking trails for dogs in chatham

Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge

click to view map of monomoy island

view pamphlet and map from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

monomoy island is 2750 acre wildlife refuge off the coast of Chatham that makes a very rewarding day trip by boat. it is perhaps one of the best ways to experience the natural environment of the cape shoreline.

The pristine shorelines are muddied somewhat by the overpopulation of seals. Swimming should be done cautiously as the waters around monomoy are prized hunting grounds for great whites. Learn how to avoid getting bitten by sharks.

Monomoy Island has evolved from a series of smaller sand-spit barrier island in the late 1800’s to become connected to the mainland in the last century. The island split in two during the 1978 blizzard, and continue to evolve today.

Noth Monomoy is about 2.5 miles long, and South Monomoy is 6 miles. There is a great diversity of species, so it is essential that your dog stays under your control and doesn’t disturb nesting birds or other wildlife. Clean up all pet waste, and leave no trace.

Morris Island Trail

view pamphlet and map from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

map of morris island trail in chatham ma
click to view larger map of morris island trail

Morris Island is a much easier way to experience the natural wonder of the Monomoy Wildlife refuge.

Connected to the mainland, this 50 acre area offers a 3/4 mile walk highlighting the different habitats of the cape cod shoreline:

  • beach
  • sand dunes
  • forest
  • salt marsh
  • tidal flats

Old Colony Rail Trail

view rules and map

Dogs are allow on the old colony rail trail, but keep a close eye and a short leash to avoid getting tangled up with bikers in the busy summer season.

map of old colony rail trail in chatham
click to view pdf map of old colony rail trail in chatham
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