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Best Beaches in Cape Cod for Families

If you’re planning a family vacation on Cape Cod, you’re in luck! The Cape is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, offering a fun and safe place for kids to play and explore. From sandcastles to boogie boarding, there’s no shortage of fun in the sun here. So, pack your sunscreen, towels, and sand toys, and let’s dive into the best beaches in Cape Cod for families!

Inflatable boogie boards are great for kids at the beach.
Inflatable boogie boards are a fun way to ride waves but they don’t have leashes, so they aren’t recommended for younger kids in heavy surf.

As a general rule, surf conditions for Cape Cod beaches fall into 3 categories:

  • Bayside beaches have warmer water and small, gentle waves that are great for young kids
  • Nantucket and Vineyard Sound-facing beaches have small- to medium-sized waves with no rip currents (and less shark activity)
  • Outer Cape beaches facing the open Atlantic have colder water, larger waves, and rougher undertows — and more sharks!

If you are looking for a family beach where you can take your dog, check out our list of dog friendly beaches on cape cod.

  1. Coast Guard Beach

Coast Guard Beach is a picturesque destination located in Eastham,the first beach of the Cape Cod National Seashore as you travel route 6 heading towards the tip of Cape Cod. This beautiful beach offers a wide expanse of white sand and crystal-clear water, making it a must-visit for families looking for a fun and safe place to play in the sun.

A beach wagon makes it easy to carry  all of your kids' beach toys.
A beach wagon is a must-have for families who need to carry many armfuls of beach toys.

Coast Guard Beach is also known for its stunning scenery, with rolling sand dunes and sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s the perfect place to catch a breathtaking sunrise or sunset while the kids play in the sand and splash in the waves. This beach is on the Outer Cape so the waves are larger than you’ll find on bay-side beaches.

For amenities, Coast Guard Beach has restrooms, showers, and a snack bar. Learn more about Coast Guard Beach. The parking shuttle can be somewhat a hassle here for families lugging lots of stuff. For easier parking at a National Seashore beach drive further up Route 6 and head to Marconi Beach in Wellfleet or Head of the Meadow Beach in Truro.

A boy resting on his sleeping puggle in the beach sand.
  1. Nauset Beach

Nauset Beach in Orleans is another family favorite. This long, wide beach offers plenty of room for kids to run and play, and the waves are great for boogie boarding. Great for long beach walks. There are plenty of amenities, including restrooms, showers, and a snack bar.

Body boarding is a great kids beach activity. Just be wary of sharks at Nauset Beach and other Outer Cape beaches!
Body boarding is a great kids beach activity. Just be wary of sharks at Nauset Beach and other Outer Cape beaches!

Be careful swimming out too far at Nauset. Keep an eye on kids near the water. Some days there will be big, powerful waves and strong rip currents. And the water here is cold!

Great surf spot but it’s also a hotspot for great white shark sightings on Cape Cod. You’re rolling the dice. You’re sure to see tons of seals swimming by, and the sharks are always prowling these shores.

While the public beach at Nauset is one of the best beaches in Cape Cod for families, it can get crowded in the summertime. If you’re looking for more room for children to play, the ORV beach trails at Nauset take it to the next level. Added bonus is you won’t have to lug all your kids’ stuff down to the beach. For that alone getting an oversand driving sticker for the Nauset Beach ORV trails makes the price worth it.

  1. Mayflower Beach

Located in Dennis, Mayflower Beach is a popular choice for families with young children.

Always bring bug repellent when you visit cape cod beaches to protect kids from ticks, sand fleas, and mosquitoes.
Always bring bug repellent such as Cutter or Deep Woods Off when you visit cape cod beaches to protect kids from ticks, sand fleas, and mosquitoes.

The water is calm and shallow, making it a great place for little ones to splash and play. And when the tide goes out, the beach is transformed into a massive playground, with miles of sandbars to explore.

The parking lot isn’t huge and it fills up fast, so plan to get to Mayflower early. If you get shut out, nearby beaches share the same family-friendly water conditions.

  1. Craigville Beach

If you’re looking for a beach with plenty of activities for kids, look no further than Craigville Beach in Barnstable. This beach offers volleyball, sailing, and even a playground, making it a great choice for families with kids of all ages. The waves don’t get too big here because of its location facing Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket sound. Great for little children.

A kid stands under seagulls flying near the ocean at a beach on cape cod.
  1. Corporation Beach

Located in Dennis, Corporation Beach is a smaller beach that’s perfect for families with young kids. The water is calm and shallow, and there are plenty of rocks and shells to collect along the shoreline.

A folding beach shovel provides hours of entertainment for kids.
A folding beach shovel provides hours of entertainment for kids. Just don’t let them dig holes deeper than waist-high.

Plus, there’s a picnic area and a playground nearby, making it a great spot for a family day out. If you don’t get up early enough to get parking at Corporation Beach, consider hitting nearby West Dennis Beach instead. West Dennis beach has a long parking lot with lots of spaces that are a very short walk from your car. Great for parents with young families and lots of stuff to carry, you can take multiple trips easily.

  1. Sandy Neck Beach

If you’re looking for a beach with a little bit of everything, Sandy Neck Beach in Barnstable is a great choice for families with children in different age ranges. Older kids can have fun swimming, boogie boarding, hiking and exploring the sand dunes, while younger kids will be safe to splash in the ocean with gentle waves and low chance of rip currents.

Plus, there’s a snack bar and restrooms, making it easy to spend the whole day here. Sandy Neck is great beach in Cape Cod for families with kids of all ages. Afterwards plan visit Hyannis and walk the streets to find lots of family-friendly food options with outdoor seating so you can people-watch.

Sandy Neck also offers oversand driving stickers. Oversand driving means no carrying stuff for parents, so you can bring a lot more with you such as pop-up canopies and heavy coolers without working up a sweat to start your beach trip.

A family walking a jetty at Red River Beach in Harwich, Cape Cod.
A family walking a jetty at Red River Beach.
  1. Red River Beach

Located in Harwich, Red River Beach is a great choice for families who love to explore tidal pools and collect shells. There’s millions of lady slippers here, and some nice jetties. Foot protection is helpful when exploring.

Toy trucks provide hours of entertainment for kids (and hours of peace for their parents).
Toy trucks provide hours of entertainment for kids (and hours of peace for their parents).

The water is fairly calm at all of the Harwich beaches, which face Nantucket Sound. Not a great place to bodyboard, the waves aren’t all that big here and don’t break right. But its a safe place for younger children to swim and splash, and there’s lots of lifeguards here. Minimal rip currents due to the Jetties.

On the plus side, the chances of running into a great white shark are far lower on Sound-side beaches compared to those on the Outer Cape, so parents don’t need to be on guard.

Red River is the only beach in Harwich that offers daily parking stickers. It’s our pick for the best beach in Harwich for families because of the long parking lot which allows you to park close to your car, helpful if you’re lugging a bunch of toys and stuff for the kids.

The town collects seaweed often, so the beach is usually fairly clean. But the jetties trap the seaweed, and it’s always piling up. Bring flip flops or water shoes. There aren’t any sandbars, but at low tide kids can walk to a path on the left side end of the long parking area and explore the area behind the parking lot to hunt for hermit crabs and small fish by the mouth of Red River.

Sunset at Skaket Beach is perfect for families on vacation on Cape Cod.
Sunset at Skaket Beach on Cape Cod is beautiful — but make sure to bring your bug repellent!
  1. Skaket Beach

Located in Orleans, Skaket Beach is a must-visit destination for families looking for a calm and tranquil bay-side beach experience. With its soft, white sand and minimal surf, this beach is perfect for young children who want to play in the water without getting knocked over by big waves.

Folding beach buckets are a must-have for kids, and they fold down for easier storage in your car.
Folding beach buckets are a must-have for kids, and they fold down for easier storage in your car.

At low tide, the water recedes and reveals miles of sandbars, perfect for exploring and collecting seashells. And if you’re lucky, you may even spot some horseshoe crabs, which are a common sight on this beach.

Skaket Beach offers stunning views of Cape Cod Bay, with a wide expanse of ocean and sky that seem to stretch on forever. It’s the perfect place to catch a breathtaking sunset reflecting off of tidal pools in the flats. Great beach to find hermit crabs. Bring bug repellent for the evening.

For amenities, Skaket Beach has restrooms, showers, and a snack bar, making it easy to spend the whole day here. The relatively small lot means you need to get here early in the summer.

A boy playing with a watering can in a sandbar pool.
  1. Falmouth Heights Beach

Falmouth Heights Beach is a great choice for families looking for a beach that’s both fun and convenient.

Toy boats are great to entertain kids on bay-side beaches or in pools formed by sand bars.
Toy boats are great to entertain kids on bay-side beaches or in pools formed by sand bars.

This beach is situated just a short walk from the town center, making it easy to combine a day at the beach with some shopping and dining in town.

Falmouth Heights Beach is a popular destination for families with older kids. Bring flip flops or crocs, the sand can be a little rocky.

Falmouth heights beach also offers nice views of Martha’s Vineyard, which is just a short ferry ride away.

There’s a restaurant/bar nearby which is great to satisfy whining children, and hopefully buy parents more time at the beach afterwards.

    A young boy in a yellow beach hat crawls across the sand on Cape Cod.

      Herring Cove Beach sits at the tip of Cape Cod at the end of Route 6. It’s great for a day trip to Provincetown — hit the beach, visit the great dog park, and then walk commercial street for dinner.

      Herring cove has bathrooms at each end of the main parking lot, changing areas, and a tasty snack bar. Absolutely killer sunsets.

      Smaller kids will love the water, it’s warmer than the Outer Cape beaches and the waves are minimal. Nice long beach to walk and find cool rocks, and enough room for families to spread out if you walk a little ways from the entrances.

      Parents should be aware of a few things: There’s poison ivy in the beach grass near the entrance paths. coyotes are unfortunately too common and they can be aggressive, climbing over the dunes. Don’t take too long a walk with kids to the left if you’re looking at the ocean, a long way from the main public beach there’s an adults-only nude beach. And of course there’s always the great white sharks, but there’s less of them sighted here then on other beaches. Woo-hoo.

      Learn more about Herring Cove Beach.

      A young boy crawls in the pool of a sandbar with Nugget the Puggle at family-friendly Race Point Beach in Provincetown.
      It’s safe to explore the sandbar pool formed in the incoming tide at race point beach in Provincetown towards the tip of Cape Cod.

        Race Point Beach in Provincetown is our pick for the best beach in Cape Cod for families. Great sand, relatively gentle waves. Good place to see seals and maybe a great white shark. So it’s not the safest beach around to swim at.. Stay near shore and be alert, don’t let your kids wade out too far. If you’re looking for a safe place to swim or big waves to surf, pick somewhere else.

        The main parking lot at Race Point is huge, with multiple levels of parking. Get there early to limit your walk, but it never fills up. There’s a nice bathroom and changing facility, outdoor showers. No food stand, better bring what you need.

        It’s a short hike from the parking lot to the wide beach. Race point has miles of ORV trail access on each side of the public beach, but typically closes for nesting shorebirds much of the summer. Boo. If you drive to the south you can access an incredible sandbar pool that’s perfect for young kids, you can drive nearly within arms reach of Race Point light, and eventually reach Hatches Harbor where there is a lot to explore.

        There’s also decent fishing for stripers and bluefish from shore, assuming the seals leave you any to catch. You can often see whales fairly close to the shore.

        Race Point Beach is a few minutes’ drive from Commercial Street to grab food when the youngsters start complaining about being hungry. Or bribe them into silence with one of the many ice cream or fried seafood joints on your ride back down Route 6.

        Learn more about Race Point Beach.

        Race point beach at sunset with a sand dune silhouetted against the glowing sky.
        Race Point Beach gets peaceful at sunset as the crowds thin out. It’s a short drive from tons of family-friendly dinner options in Provincetown.

        Honorable Mentions

        • Marconi Beach in Wellfleet has great waves and tall dunes that extend far in each direction. Really cool beach. If you’re willing to walk a ways in either direction you can find a nice place to spread out. But the steep stairs and long walk are a drawback if you’re lugging beach stuff like a pack mule for your family. Sit near a sandbar for gentler wave conditions. Good beach to surf. Be careful swimming or surfing far from the protected beach, sharks are always cruising around.
          Learn more about Marconi Beach.
          • The bayside beaches all along Cape Cod: beaches facing Cape Cod Bay are great if you have babies or young children. Many have wide tidal flats making it shallow and warm. Great sunsets.
        • South Beach is Chatham requires a boat, but if you anchor off the back of the island you can walk over to a wide-open beach on the open Atlantic with large surf and a great chance of spotting a great white shark. Tons of seals and cool wildlife. Not a swimming beach on the open-ocean side, but a memorable day trip even bored teenagers will enjoy.
        A boy crawling next to his puppy towards the Atlantic ocean at Marconi Beach
        Race ya to the water!

        Things to remember when taking your kids to the beach on Cape Cod

        To make sure your family has the most fun possible when taking your kids to the beach on Cape Cod, here are some things to keep in mind:

        A beach cabana or umbrella can help keep kids cool on hot days.
        A beach cabana or umbrella can help keep kids cool on hot days.
        • Bring bug spray: A must-have. Ticks love to wait on beach grass for a friendly leg to bite. In daytime you may run into biting black flies (they’re fast!) and greenheads (easier to kill when they land). Later in the day sand fleas and no-see-ums come out, especially on bay-side beaches. Use cutter or deep woods off.
        • Shade from the hot sun is important for kids and adults alike. Consider a beach umbrella or beach cabana to keep cool. Use wide brimmed hats. Drink lots of water.
        • Watch out for sharks: Most great white sightings are on the outer Cape beaches, from Chatham up to Provincetown. Seals are everywhere, and the sharks aren’t far behind. Use caution and don’t swim out too far. Bay-side and Sound-side beaches have far less risk. Learn how to avoid getting bitten by a shark.
        • If you want to bring your dog, check out our guide to dog-friendly beaches on Cape Cod. Most Cape beaches allow dogs in the off-season only, but the Cape Cod National Seashore beaches allow dogs all summer (unless they’re closed due to nesting shorebirds, which unfortunately occurs for much of the summer in recent years).
        • Get there early on weekends to get parking. otherwise you’ll be driving on to another beach looking for spaces while the kids continue to whine and complain in the back seat. Rough way to start a vacation day.

        Summary: Best beaches for families on Cape Cod

        Cape Cod is a great destination for families looking for a fun and safe beach vacation. With so many beautiful beaches to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect spot for your family to relax and play in the sun.

        Beaches on Cape Cod all tend to be busy in the summertime, so plan ahead and get there early for parking. If you want to bring your dog, check ahead for restrictions due to nesting shorebirds.

        Whether you’re boogie boarding on the Outer Cape or exploring tidal pools at a bay-side beaches, you’re sure to create family memories that will last a lifetime. So, grab your sunscreen and bug spray and hit the beach! Don’t forget to bring a few ice cold drinks. Family vacations all but require it.

        Skaket Beach: Your Guide to a Perfect Beach Day in Orleans, MA

        Cape Cod is known for its beautiful beaches, and Skaket Beach in Orleans, MA is one of the best. Skaket Beach offers soft white sand, warm waters, and absolutely stunning sunsets. Whether you’re looking to relax on the beach, explore endless tidal pools, or cool off in the water, Skaket Beach has something for everyone.

        In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to plan the perfect day at Skaket Beach.

        About Skaket Beach

        Located on the bay side of Cape Cod in Orleans, Skaket Beach is known for its soft white sand and warm waters. Like many other bay-side beaches, Skaket Beach offers stunning views of the sunset reflecting over Cape Cod Bay. Skaket Beach is accessible by car, bike, or foot. In the summertime the parking lot fills up quickly, but you can get in at night for free to take in the sunset.

        Skaket Beach at low tide reveals large stretches of soft, fine white sand.

        Sand Quality and Sandbars

        Skaket Beach is known for its soft, fine-grained sand, which is perfect for building sandcastles or lounging on the beach. The sandbars at Skaket Beach are also a popular attraction, especially for small kids. The wet sand has an almost silty feel as it slides between your toes.

        During low tide the flats become exposed, allowing you to walk far out and discover the tidal pools. Exploring the tidal flats is a fun activity for all ages, and you will find lots of seashells, hermit crabs, or other treasures along the way.

        Water Conditions

        The water at Skaket Beach is generally warm and calm, making it perfect for swimming, wading, or just splashing around. Water temperatures range from the mid-60s to low 70s during the summer months, and are cooler in the spring and fall. Compare that to the high-50s to mid-60s range at nearby Nauset Beach, which faces the open Atlantic Ocean and has much rougher surf conditions. Don’t expect waves at Skaket.

        If you’re planning to swim here, be sure to check the tide schedule, otherwise you’ll walk out forever to find deep enough water.

        One big plus about swimming here is that you have an extremely low risk for getting bitten by toothy apex predators. The shallow water and lack of seals puts Skaket Beach in the running for the safest beach on Cape Cod — great white sharks have never been spotted in the beach area. There are no rough waves or rip currents either. Perfect for kids to play.

        Kayaking and paddle boarding are also popular activities here. The long open flats make it a great place for beginners to fall off a few times in shallow water. You can cruise up the tidal inlet and over to rock harbor for a nice round trip journey.

        Tidal pools forming as the tide goes out at skaket beach on cape cod.
        The tidal pools begin to form as the tide goes out.

        Watching the Rock Harbor Fireworks

        Skaket Beach is a great place to watch the rock harbor fireworks, especially if the tide is out a bit and the beach has lots of room to spread out.

        Plan to get there early, driving around the Rock Harbor area is a zoo the night of the fireworks, and parking spots fill up fast.

        The tidal inlet at Skaket Beach, with Rock Harbor visible in the distance.
        The tidal inlet at Skaket Beach, with Rock Harbor visible in the distance.

        Fishing at Skaket Beach

        Cape Cod Bay is a popular destination for fishermen, with opportunities to catch striped bass, bluefish, and other species. Surfcasting is the most common method of fishing at many Cape Cod beaches, but at Skaket Beach the tidal flats make it difficult to cast into deeper waters unless you walk far out from shore.

        For better fishing opportunities, consider kayaking from shore or chartering a boat out of Rock Harbor, which is adjacent to Skaket Beach (to the right if you’re looking at the water).

        If you walk towards Rock Harbor, a tidal inlet offers deeper water. As low tide approaches water starts to drain out, which may offer fishing opportunities to target predators hunting for meals caught in the exchanging water flow.

        Sunsets at Skaket Beach are among the best on Cape Cod.

        Sunsets at Skaket Beach

        Skaket beach offers one of the best sunsets in Orleans. The sky lights up and reflects off of the tidal pools, creating a blinding mirror. Watching the sunset from the beach is a magical experience. Walk out to the blazing horizon, or bring a blanket or chair and settle in for a relaxing evening on the main beach.

        A few lucky cars in the parking lot are facing a view of the sun over the ocean, nice on buggy nights when you’re tired of swatting things.

        Here’s a tip for beginners looking to find the best sunset on Cape Cod beaches: bring bug spray! Long sleeves, pants, and covering up your feet helps too. At night this beach can be loaded with mosquitoes and sand fleas, making it miserable for uncovered flesh.

        Sunsets reflecting off the water at Skaket Beach make for one of the best sunset photos on Cape Cod.
        Sunsets reflecting off the water at Skaket Beach make for one of the best sunset photos on Cape Cod.

        Beachcombing in Tidal Pools

        In addition to swimming and sunbathing, Skaket Beach offers a variety of other activities. Exploring the tide pools is a fun and educational activity for kids and adults alike, and there are often crabs, snails, and other sea creatures to be found.

        Kids who bring a net and bucket can collect treasure for hours. It is a place to find razor clam shells. It is very easy to spot hermit crabs scurrying their shells around the edges of small pools at low tide. Scoop ’em up in your bare hands – they don’t bite!

        Planning Your Skaket Beach Trip

        When planning your trip to Skaket Beach, there are a few things to keep in mind.

        • You can get a daily pass at the beach, or a week-long or season-long sticker.
        • Passes are required from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm, but the beach is free in the evenings to watch sunsets.
        • Passes are required at the start of Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day.

        The best time to visit is during the summer months when the water is warmest, but the beach can get crowded. The parking lot will fill up early, especially on weekends and hot days. If you’re looking for a quieter experience, consider visiting in the spring or fall. Although in recent years the fall seasons on Cape Cod are much busier.

        For the best sunset photograph opportunities, time your visit so sunset occurs the tide is out. This makes little pools that reflect the sunshine, it’s incredible.

        Be sure to bring sunscreen, hats, and plenty of water, as there is limited shade on the beach. Bring bug spray for later in the afternoon and evenings. It gets nasty. And for many vacationers having a few cold adult beverages while relaxing on the beach is a requirement.

        A Golden Retriever Puppy splashing water in a tidal pool at Skaket Beach.

        Skaket Beach Dog Rules

        The town of Orleans dog rules include:

        • Dogs are prohibited at Skaket Beach from the Friday before Memorial Day through Labor Day
        • That same dog regulations apply to Rock Harbor as well.
        • Nauset Beach’s rules for pets are even more stringent, prohibiting dogs from April 1st through Labor Day.

        If you’re looking for a beach in Orleans that allows dogs during the summertime, you’ll need to go to the ORV trails at Nauset Beach (assuming the beach isn’t restricted due to nesting shorebirds, which is often). Learn more about the oversand driving trails.

        The final rays of the setting sun at Skaket Beach.

        Nearby Attractions

        In addition to the beach itself, the surrounding area offers plenty of other attractions. The town of Orleans has a variety of shops, restaurants, and galleries to explore, and there are also several hiking and biking trails nearby so you can access the beach for a fun all-day biking trip.

        Time to Hit the Beach!

        Skaket Beach is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a beautiful beach on Cape Cod. With its soft white sand, warm waters, and stunning sunsets, This beach offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to relax on the beach, explore tide pools, or catch some very gentle waves, this is the perfect spot.

        So pack your sunscreen, grab your beach towel, and head to Skaket Beach for a day of fun in the sun!

        Nauset Beach: A Visitor’s Guide

        Nauset Beach is a stunning coastal destination located on the outer edge of Cape Cod in Orleans, MA. Situated facing the Atlantic Ocean, it stretches from Nauset Bay in the North down to the mouth of Chatham Harbor. it is known for its pristine shoreline, rolling sand dunes, and captivating natural beauty. It is a top pick for beachgoers looking for a memorable vacation experience, and one of the best beaches on Cape Cod.

        With its unspoiled landscape, Nauset Beach is a must-visit destination for people who love big waves. It has everything you could want from a seaside location — miles of clean sand, refreshing water, stunning views, and lots of activities to enjoy. Whether you are looking to relax on the sand, take a dip in the ocean, fish, or surf among the great white sharks, Nauset Beach has something for everyone.

        Vacation Activities at Nauset Beach

        Man walking in the sand at nauset beach.

        Long Beach Walks

        With 10 miles of pristine coastline, Nauset Beach is one of the best beach walks on Cape Cod. You can stroll along the water’s edge for miles, breathe in the fresh ocean air, and take in the beautiful views of the rugged Atlantic Ocean. The curve of the shoreline obscures your path ahead, providing a sense of the unknown waiting just around the corner.

        If you walk to the south (to the right of the public beach if facing the water) you’ll come to Exit 1 of the the ORV trails. Many miles beyond, at Exit 8, you’ll come to the end of the beach at Chatham Inlet, one of the coolest views on Cape Cod. Look for the flash of Chatham light.

        If you’re walking the length of the beach, make sure to cut across to the warmer waters of Pleasant Bay, which is located behind the Southern part of Nauset Beach. It’s a long trip by foot but worth it. If you’re not up for the long walk, it’s much easier to get there on the oversand driving trails.

        It gets hot and there’s little opportunity for shade, so bring lots of water if you’re planning to hike the beach. There can be insects such as green heads, sand fleas, or the small black flies which are fast and hard to kill. We bought an electric bug zapper racket and it is a cool thing to have when they come out, it’s fun to hear them crackle. Nothing ruins a late summer afternoon at the beach then becoming a pincushion for hungry insects.

        Exposed roots from beach grass on the dunes of Nauset beach.
        Exposed roots from beach grass shows the effects of erosion. Please don’t walk on the beach grass!

        A note for new visitors to Cape Cod: Nauset Lighthouse is not located at Nauset Beach. Head north to Nauset Light Beach in Eastham if you want to see it, it’s a short walk from that parking lot (and also near the Three Sisters lighthouses site). To see Chatham Lighthouse from Nauset Beach, walk all the way to the point at the South side beyond Exit 8 of the oversand vehicle trails. Learn more about visiting lighthouses on Cape Cod.

        Seal swimming near the shore at Nauset Beach in Orleans, MA on Cape Cod.


        The waters of Nauset Beach are refreshing and inviting. And crisp. The water is cold due to Nauset’s location facing out towards the open Atlantic. Expect temperatures ranging from the high 50’s to the low 60’s later in the summer.

        Whether you are a seasoned swimmer or just looking to cool off, the ocean is perfect for taking a dip. With its long, wide stretch of sand, there’s plenty of room for everyone to find a spot to relax and enjoy the water. Don’t swim out too far though. There are seals everywhere. And Nauset Beach is loaded with great white sharks.

        It is safest to swim in crowded areas near the lifeguard-protected beach. Lifeguards are always on the lookout for sharks and will clear the water if one is spotted.

        If you swim at more remote locations at Nauset you’re taking a gamble. Don’t swim out too far, and stay in a group to reduce your chances of an encounter with a hungry predator.

        A Striped Bass swimming in the Atlantic Ocean off of Cape Cod.


        Nauset Beach is a popular spot for anglers, and for good reason. With its abundance of fish, you’re sure to have a great time casting your line dand reeling in your catch. Striped bass are a popular target, as are bluefish. The seals sure catch a lot of them. You may not be so lucky.

        Surfcasting for striped bass at Nauset Beach definitely isn’t what it used to be. Chunk bait, eels, or sea worms are good if you’re using live bait with a heavy sinker, You can also Cast variety of lures such as topwater plugs, heavy spoons such as Kastmasters, or large baitfish imitations.

        In the summer you’ll often see a lot of boat fishing activity just off the shores of Nauset Beach. When striped bass are in the area you’ll see the boats stacked right on top of each other all day long. Schools of bluefin tuna sometimes park off the shores of Nauset, giving a nice near-shore opportunity to catch these awesome fish.

        Our boy ARB catching a sand eel while trying to wire line jig for stripers off Nauset.
        Our boy ARB catching a sand eel while trying to wire line jig for stripers off Nauset.

        If you’re a surfcaster looking for more action closer to shore, scan the horizon for diving birds and the shadows of schools of baitfish. If you see chopping at the water’s surface you may have found a school of Bluefish—voracious predators and will bite at almost anything, making them a fun catch that’s easy to hook if you’re fishing with kids.

        While you can catch fish at Nauset using a kayak, it’s not a great idea given the amount of shark activity. Occasionally kayaks and paddle boards get bitten here, so use caution and pay attention.

        You’ll need a Massachusetts saltwater recreational fishing permit to fish Nauset and the other ocean beaches of Cape Cod.

        Sunrises at Nauset Beach

        One of the best things about Nauset Beach is the spectacular sunrises. There’s nothing quite like watching the sun come up over East-facing ocean beaches as the water reflects the sky filled with a burst of colors. It’s a breathtaking sight that you won’t want to miss, but you’ll have to get up early for the privilege.

        The sunrises alone justify the cost of the Offroad Camping sticker.

        Nauset beach sunsets sink into the silhouette of the dunes behind you.


        Nauset Beach faces East, so the sun will sink behind you into the silhouette of beach grass cresting the dunes. An orange reflective glow will illuminate the beach and highlight the whitewater of crashing waves as your shadows stretch down to the shoreline..

        But if you’re looking for an epic sunset reflecting off the water, you’ll need to venture away from the main parking lot area. Head south on the ORV trail areas for an awesome view of the sun setting behind Pleasant Bay.

        If you’re looking for an easier way to see a sunset in Orleans consider bay-side facing beaches such as Skaket Beach or Rock Harbor. Both offer large tidal flats at low tide, with relaxing sunsets reflected over the water which offer a great photo opportunity.

        A sand castle waits for the ocean waves to wash it away on Cape Cod.

        Beach Activities

        Nauset Beach has a range of beach activities that are perfect for people of all ages. From beach volleyball to frisbee, there’s always something fun to do on the sand. The main beach gets pretty packed during the summer season, but if you’re willing to walk a ways you’ll find plenty of room in each direction to spread your blanket and enjoy fun and games in the sun.

        View from the oversand driving corridor at Nauset Beach in Chatham.
        View from the Southern end of the oversand driving corridor at Nauset Beach in Chatham.

        Surfing and Body Boarding

        Nauset has big, powerful waves and offers some great opportunities for surfing or bodyboarding. With one great big white caveat. Hungry sharks.

        So paddle out, but be careful. Don’t go out too far from shore. Stay in groups. Look for nice breaks on the sandbars, but be aware that the adjacent channels are prime hunting spots for apex predators.

        And if you see spotter planes for sharks circling nearby, get out of the water. Fast!

        Children playing off of exit 6 on Nauset Beach's oversand driving trails.

        Family Activities

        If you’re on vacation with kids, you’ll find plenty of things for them to do at Nauset Beach. There’s lots of space for children to run around and play, and plenty of room to set up away from the water. The surf can be rough here and there’s other dangers such as strong riptides and sharks, so be careful if your kids go out swimming or bodyboarding.

        Some sections offer nice sandbars which offer a little protection from the ocean’s might. But always be alert if your kids are walking the shoreline, at high tide the waves come in fast and hard. Nauset is great for shell collecting (loads of Wampum!), and it’s also a great place to build sand castles.

        For families with really young children, the strong waves and rip currents here are not ideal. Other beaches nearby on the Cape Cod Bay side are much better options if you’re looking to let little toes splash in the water.

        The walk to the beach from the parking lot is fairly flat, which is helpful for parents lugging armfuls of beach toys along with their chairs and coolers. Learn more about the best beaches for families on Cape Cod.

        Snuggling under a blanket after a long day at Nauset Beach.
        Nugget snuggling under a blanket after a long day at Nauset Beach.

        Day Trip to Nauset Beach

        If you’re looking to plan a fun day trip in Orleans, plan to spend the day relaxing at Nauset Beach, getting there early and staying through Golden Hour and sunset.

        But if you can’t take a full day in the sun, there’s a ton of fun things to do within a few minutes drive from Nauset Beach:

        • Grab afternoon drinks and snacks at one of the many area restaurants (we like Hog Island Beer Co.)
        • Grab takeout food to eat at the Jonathan Young Windmill overlooking Orleans Cove
        • Head over to Rock Harbor to walk among the tidal pools while you take in the sunset over endless tidal flats
        • Take in an Orleans Cardinals baseball game later in the evening

        Facilities and Amenities


        Parking can be a challenge at some beaches on Cape Cod, but Nauset Beach has plenty of parking available. But plan to get there early on busy weekend days.

        The lot used to be long and wide, but a strong storm in 2018 came right up to the parking lot. It ruined Liams, an epic beachside clam shack, and also forced the beach to change the parking layout. If you get there later on busy days you’ll park in the upper lot area, and you risk getting shut out.

        Daily parking passes are available. You also have to pay an entrance fee on your bicycle or as a walker, so plan accordingly.

        Restrooms and Changing Areas

        There are plenty of restrooms and changing areas at Nauset Beach, so you don’t have to worry about finding a spot to freshen up.


        After a day at the beach, you’ll want to rinse off all the sand and saltwater. Luckily, there are outdoor showers available for you to use.

        A puppy splashing in the waves of nauset beach.

        Picnic Tables

        Nauset Beach has a number of picnic tables by the main boardwalk available for visitors to use. You can pack a lunch and enjoy a meal with a view. Or better yet picnic on your blanket somewhere closer to the ocean.

        Beach Concessions:

        If you don’t want to bring your own food, there are beach concessions available where you can buy snacks and drinks.

        Nugget the puggle takes.a hard earned nap at Nauset Beach's oversand driving trails.
        Nugget the puggle takes a hard earned nap after a long day of resting in the shade on Nauset’s ORV trails.

        Nauset Beach dog rules

        Nauset Beach allows leashed dogs on the ORV section of the beach during the summertime. Assuming that it isn’t not shut down for piping plovers or other nesting shorebirds. It’s always recommended to check online for information about dogs on Nauset Beach to make sure that access is currently being allowed.

        • Nauset Public Beach: Dogs are prohibited from April 1st through Labor Day
        • North of Nauset Public Beach Parking Lot: Dogs are prohibited from April 1st through Labor Day
        • South of Nauset Public Beach Parking Lot to Trail #1: Dogs are prohibited from April 1st through Labor Day
        • South of Trail #1 to Chatham Inlet: Dogs are allowed on the beach in summertime! Dogs are required to be on leash (not greater than 30 feet) at all times April 1st through Labor Day
        The entrance to oversand driving trails at Nauset Beach.

        Off Road Vehicle Trails at Nauset Beach

        Nauset Beach is home to an extensive off-road vehicle (ORV) trail system that allows visitors to explore the beach in a unique way. An ORV sticker gives you access to many miles of unspoiled beach, far away from fighting for towel space at the crowded public beach.

        A valid sticker is required to access the oversand driving trails, so be sure to check the regulations before heading out. The stickers aren’t cheap for non-residents of Orleans. And the ORV trails are often closed or reduced in the summertime due to nesting shorebirds. So check ahead before visiting, or else you may find yourself grumbling while carrying all your stuff on foot from the main parking lot.

        View of oversand driving trails in rearview mirror.

        On busy summer weekends you can expect the length of the oversand trails to be packed bumper to bumper. Getting there by mid morning ensures you get a good spot. It fills up next to the sandbars fast.

        And expect some inconsiderate people to show up mid afternoon on weekends and pull in the 5 foot gap between parked cars to ruin any sense of privacy, especially if you’re at the lower numbered exists that are closer to the main lot.

        A row of campers lined up by exit one of the oversand driving corridor.

        Camping at Nauset Beach

        ORV stickers are also available for campers so that you can spend the night and wake up to the sound of crashing waves and an awesome sunrise.

        Camping at Nauset Beach is much nicer than at Race Point Beach’s ORV trails because you’re able to park wherever you want to find a secluded spot. At Race Point they stack campers together in a small area that’s much like a Walmart parking lot, it’s a much different vibe.

        Most campers here are slide-in models mounted on the back of pickup trucks, which make for a much easier ride out than longer two wheel drive motorhomes. Be mindful of high tides, during certain moon cycles the water will come up right to the base of the dunes and you’ll want to park accordingly.

        Learn more about ORV trails on Cape Cod.

        Great white shark sightings at Nauset Beach occur all summer long - be careful when swimming or surfing!

        Nauset Beach Shark Safety

        In recent years, there have been an increasing number of shark sightings off the coast of Cape Cod, and especially at Nauset Beach. It’s important to be aware of the potential risk when swimming or surfing here.

        To stay safe while enjoying Nauset Beach, it’s important to follow a few simple guidelines. For example, don’t swim alone, stay close to shore, and avoid swimming at dawn or dusk when sharks are more active. The beach also has a shark detection system in place, which alerts lifeguards when a shark is detected in the area.

        The severe bleeding first aid kits are a stark reminder of the threats posed by Great White Sharks at Nauset Beach.
        The severe bleeding first aid kits are a stark reminder of the threats posed by Great White Sharks at Nauset Beach..

        View tips on how to avoid getting bitten by a shark, or learn more about great white sharks on cape cod.

        Seals gather on the shore of Nauset Beach in Orleans, MA


        Nauset Beach is a stunning destination that offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to relax on the sand, take a dip in the ocean, or explore the natural beauty of Cape Cod, Nauset Beach is the perfect place to do it.

        With its range of activities, facilities, and amenities, Nauset Beach is an ideal spot for families, couples, and solo travelers. And while there are risks associated with swimming in the ocean, if you follow the guidelines and stay aware of your surroundings, you can enjoy the beach safely.

        Best things to do in Cape Cod

        Cape Cod is a beautiful vacation destination located in Massachusetts. Known for its picturesque beaches, charming towns, and rich history, Cape Cod offers a wide range of activities for visitors of all ages. Whether you’re interested in outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, or simply relaxing by the water, Cape Cod has something for everyone.

        If you’re looking for things to do on Cape Cod, here’s a list of our favorites plus a few recommendations from our readers.

        Cape Cod Attractions

        Hit the beach

        Cape Cod is world famous for our beautiful beaches. On a nice day, this is the thing to do. Plan a road trip and head out early, or find a local beach near where you’re staying and throw down a towel for the day.

        The Cape Cod National Seashore Beaches are a must-see. With 40 miles of pristine coastline, there are tons of opportunities for hiking, biking, and birdwatching. Take a cool road trip and visit a few during your vacation. You can get a season pass pretty cheap that lets you into them all.

        As a general rule, the outer cape beaches facing the open Atlantic Ocean offer large waves colder water. Sound-side beaches have warmer water and smaller waves. Bay-side beaches are great for sunsets, the warmest water, gentle waves, and many have wide tidal flats.

        The character of the beaches is different depending on which town you visit, so branch out and try some different options around the Cape to find the vibe you’re looking for. Want to learn more? Check out these articles to find the best beach for your family or a dog-friendly beach.

        Dog silhouetted while fetching a ball at the beach on the cape cod national seashore.
        Our recommendation for the best thing to do on cape cod – hit the beach!


        If you’re looking for a lively day of shopping and dining, Cape Cod has many options. Provincetown is a vibrant cultural hub located on the tip of Cape Cod. Visit commercial street for lots of easy food options and tons of shopping. For a more upscale shopping experience, hit Chatham. And keep an eye out for the many craft fairs that pop up all summer long. Shopping is one of the most popular attractions in Cape Cod on rainy days, so be prepared for crowds during the summer season.

        No shopping trip on Cape Cod would be complete without dumping some money into the stores of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. Both of these picturesque islands just off the coast are an easy day-trip on the ferry. They offer stunning views, historic lighthouses, and boatloads of New England charm. Consider visiting in the offseason for a more peaceful experience.

        Platter of raw oysters on ice.
        Fresh Cape Cod seafood can be found everywhere, including these raw oysters.

        Eat good food and enjoy some cocktails

        Seafood is a specialty on Cape Cod. You’ll find plenty of seafood shacks and restaurants serving up fresh lobster, clam chowder, and other delicious dishes. Pretty much every restaurant on the Cape seems to offer some forms of fried seafood. But dig a little deeper and you can find food options of all types.

        Have your pet with you? View a list of restaurants that allow dogs.

        Remember, you’re on vacation. Possibly with your family. So day drinking is always a good option. There are several breweries and a winery that offer tastings and tours. Have your dog? Learn more about cape cod breweries that allow dogs.

        Finally, don’t miss the opportunity to visit one of Cape Cod’s many farmers’ markets and craft fairs, where you can sample locally grown produce and handmade goods.

        Outdoor Activities


        Bicycling on the Cape Cod Rail Trail is a great option for outdoor enthusiasts, providing many scenic routes for cyclists and walkers to explore the Cape’s natural beauty. Options range from short, family-friendly bicycle trails to all-day trips across the Cape.

        For a scenic biking path, check out the National Seashore trails in Provincetown. Hardcore enthusiasts can ever bike the length of the Cape as part of the the Pan-Mass Challenge fundraiser.

        Fishing for striped bass at sunset is one of our favorite things to do on Cape Cod.
        Fishing for striped bass is one of our favorite things to do on Cape Cod.


        Cape Cod is a paradise for fishing enthusiasts. From the deep sea to the shoreline, there are countless opportunities for anglers of all skill levels to cast a line and catch a variety of species. If you’re planning a vacation to Cape Cod and love fishing, here are some options to consider.

        1. Deep Sea Fishing For those who are looking for a bigger challenge and a chance to catch bigger fish, deep sea fishing is a popular option. There are many fishing charters available that will take you out to the deeper waters off the coast of Cape Cod, where you can catch species like tuna, cod, striped bass, and bluefish. Most charters provide all the necessary equipment and will clean and fillet your catch for you to take home. Or find a cheaper but more crowded party boat for some day-trip fishing.
        2. Shore Fishing is a popular option for those who prefer to stay on land or fish while enjoying the beach. There are many beaches and piers throughout Cape Cod that offer great opportunities for shore fishing. Surfcasting at beaches is a great option for those who are new to fishing, as it requires minimal equipment and can be done without a guide or charter. Shore fishing options run the entire length of Cape Cod, from the canal to the remote beaches of the National Seashore in Provincetown.
        3. Fly Fishing is a popular technique for catching fish in Cape Cod’s freshwater rivers and streams. The Cape has streams and ponds that are stocked with trout and other species, including the Mashpee River, Herring River, Swan Pond River, and Cliff Pond. Fly fishing guides are available that will take you to the best locations and provide instruction on technique and equipment.
        4. Kayak Fishing is a great way to explore Cape Cod’s waterways to catch fish. Kayaks allow you to access shallow areas that are inaccessible to larger boats or deeper spots in lakes, which can give you an advantage in finding fish. Kayak rentals are available throughout Cape Cod.
        5. Family-Friendly Fishing If you’re traveling with kids or just looking for a more relaxed fishing experience, ponds are a great family-friendly fishing option on Cape Cod. Young kids will have a blast pulling in bluegills and pumpkinseeds. Older kids will enjoy catching smallmouth and largemouth bass, or view the list of stocked trout ponds in Massachusetts if you’re looking to catch a tasty dinner.
        Hiking remote beach trails is one of our favorites things to do on cape cod.
        Hiking remote beach trails is one of our favorites things to do on cape cod.


        Every town on Cape Cod offers some cool hiking trails. Choose from wooded paths, remote beach walks, or easy walks wide enough for strollers.

        Our favorite day-trip hike is a visit to Woods End light in Provincetown that is accessible on a dike at low tide off of Commercial Street. You’ll be rewarded with unbelievable views on a secluded beach towards the end of Cape Cod. For a longer trip you can walk much further to find Long Point Lighthouse.

        One of our favorite things to do on Cape Cod is to take our dog on hiking trips. View a list of dog-friendly hiking trails.

        Whale Watches

        Whale watch boats are a fun day trip on Cape Cod that’s a great activity for families. Whale watch boats leave from many towns across the Cape, from Woods Hole to Hyannis, Harwich, and Provincetown. They often head to Stellwagen Bank, a popular whale feeding spot.

        You can also see whales from the shores of some beaches in the summer such as Race Point Beach in p-town, a little further away but for free.

        View from the beach of Provincetown harbor at night.
        A view of Provincetown harbor at night.

        Boating and Kayaking

        Cape Cod offers fun boating for crafts of all sizes. Protected bays and harbors offer great scenery for beach hopping or a slow booze cruise. Head offshore for a day trip to the Islands or to chase down some fish for dinner.

        Boat rental options exist across Cape Cod. Our favorite boat rental day trip recommendation is to rent a small boat in Provincetown and head across Provincetown Harbor to Long Point Lighthouse and beach. It’s a quick ride in a protected harbor, great for novice boaters. Plus you can cruise around the harbor and anchor up off several beaches on Commercial Street to grab food and do some shopping.

        Kayaks and standup paddle boards are also available to rent across the towns of cape cod. Take it easy in a local pond, or challenge yourself on an all-day trip across Pleasant Bay to the back of Nauset beach. Paddling around rivers or harbors in the early morning provides a peaceful reprieve from the summer tourist crowds.

        Standup paddle boarding is a great way to explore Cape Cod's many kettle ponds.
        Standup paddle boarding is a great way to explore Cape Cod’s many kettle ponds.


        Cape Cod has tons of cool campgrounds, from the canal to the tip of Provincetown. It’s an affordable alternative to expensive rentals or cookie-cutter hotel rooms. Waking up to chirping birds and distant ocean waves crashing is a great way to start the day. Many campgrounds offer easy access to fishing in kettle ponds or even the canal, perfect for outdoorsy-types.

        View a list of our favorite campgrounds that allow dogs.

        Cape Cod Baseball League

        Sports fans won’t want to miss the opportunity to catch a game of the Cape Cod Baseball League, which showcases some of the best amateur players in the country. Watch future major league stars up close all summer long.

        Cape League Baseball games have been one of the best free things to do on Cape Cod for generations. Great for families with kids. Many teams have playgrounds or other activities around so you accommodate kids with different ages and interests.

        Race Point Lighthouse as seen from the ORV trails of the Cape Cod National Seashore in Ptown.
        Race Point Lighthouse as seen from the ORV trails of the Cape Cod National Seashore in Ptown.

        Historical and Cultural Sites

        Cape Cod has a rich history, and there are several museums and cultural sites that offer a glimpse into the region’s past.

        • One of the most iconic landmarks is the Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum, which commemorates the arrival of the Mayflower Pilgrims in 1620. The wide steps require decent endurance to climb, not recommended for families with really small kids. Nice view.
        • Another great option is the Heritage Museums and Gardens in Sandwich, which offers beautiful gardens, a vintage carousel, and exhibits on Cape Cod’s maritime history.
        • For those interested in the Cape’s seafaring heritage, the Cape Cod Maritime Museum in Hyannis is a must-visit destination.
        • To learn more about nature on Cape Cod, check out the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History in Brewster. Nice trail to hike.
        • Lighthouses are another favorite. Chatham Light is easy to reach by car, with a nice view of the beach below. Woods End Light and Long Point Light in Provincetown are accessible by a long walk on a deserted stretch of beach. Highland Lighthouse in North Truro is close enough to the golf course that you may end up hitting it with a golf ball.
        Boy standing in the mouth of a Megladon Shark at the Great White Shark Conservatory in Chatham.
        The Great White Shark Conservatory in Chatham lets kids learn about sharks up close!

        Family-Friendly Activities

        Cape Cod is a great destination for families, with plenty of activities that will keep kids of all ages entertained. In addition to family-friendly beaches, our first pick, there are lots of other things to do in cape cod for kids:

        • The Cape Cod Children’s Museum in Mashpee is a great option for younger children, offering interactive exhibits on science and nature.
        • The Great White Shark conservatory is fun for families to learn more about why they shouldn’t swim out too far on Cape Cod beaches
        • The Whydah Pirate Museum is interesting as well for those who love pirates.
        • Mini Golf options are everywhere, and usually not far from ice cream stands. A classic way to kill a few hours.
        • The Cape Cod Inflatable Park in Yarmouth is another popular option, featuring inflatable obstacle courses, slides, and more.

        Off-Season Activities

        While Cape Cod is a popular summer destination, there are plenty of activities to enjoy during the off-season as well.

        Warm spring days offer opportunities for solitary nature walks, visits to gardens or wildlife refuges, bicycle trips, or fishing outings before the summer crowds set in. In the fall, beaches and tourist spots become less crowded and many restaurants stay open. Winter is much quieter but there are festive holiday events and decorations.

        In recent years the offseason has remained busier than in the past, making it hard to find solitude. But the lack of traffic and crowds provides a much more pleasant experience then fighting your way down route 6 during weekends in the tourist season. Much easier to find the “cape cod charm” that has attracted people to the cape for generations.

        Hope you found this list of things to do in Cape Cod helpful!

        Whether you’re a nature lover, history buff, or simply looking for a relaxing vacation, Cape Cod has fun things to do for everyone. With its picturesque beaches, charming towns, and rich cultural heritage, this New England gem is a must-visit destination. Plan your trip today and experience all that Cape Cod has to offer.

        Oversand Beach Driving: Beach ORV Trails on Cape Cod

        Tired of lugging all your stuff out to an overcrowded beach? These tips will prepare you to drive on the oversand trails at some of the most beautiful beaches on cape cod.

        Learn about the beaches on cape cod with ORV access, how to get an ORV Sticker, and what equipment you’ll need.

        Continue reading Oversand Beach Driving: Beach ORV Trails on Cape Cod

        herring cove beach in provincetown, ma

        Herring Cove Beach is the most popular National Seashore beach on Cape Cod.  Herring Cove is located inside the hook of the cape where it wraps around towards the center of Provincetown.

        herring cove beach is the most commercial of all the national seashore beaches with an extensive food stand and boardwalk. great scenery and amazing sunsets keep crowds coming back. clothing optional areas facilitate a thorough tanning experience.

        Continue reading herring cove beach in provincetown, ma

        head of the meadow beach in truro, ma

        Head of the Meadow Beach in North Truro is the least crowded of all the Cape Cod National Seashore beaches.

        Perfect sandbars and unspoiled dunes with some of the softest, finest white sand on cape cod. The vibe at head of the meadow beach is very laid back.

        There are entrance paths tot beach on both ends of the parking lot, which seldom seems close to filling up. The beach offers orv trail access (which is usually closed).

        Here’s what you need to know if you’re planning a trip to head of the meadow beach:

        Continue reading head of the meadow beach in truro, ma

        race point beach in provincetown, ma

        Race point beach in provincetown is located at the top of the cape when looking at a map of cape cod. Race point beach is simply amazing, with diverse sections where waves are gentle and sunsets are breathtaking.

        This epic stretch of shoreline boasts miles of ORV oversand driving trails, spectacular views of whales and other wildlife, historic lighthouses, and amazing beach walks.

        Continue reading race point beach in provincetown, ma

        marconi beach in wellfleet, ma

        Marconi Beach in South Wellfleet, MA offers towering sand dunes set upon a seemingly endless stretch of beach that is filled with many tail-wagging dogs all summer long.

        This is the largest of the national seashore beaches with a parking lot that rarely fills up.  Marconi has ample room for dog owners on each end of the protected beach. The beach extends to the left as long as you’re willing to walk, so even if you arrive late in the day you can get a nice open area to sit if you walk a ways.

        Continue reading marconi beach in wellfleet, ma