huge sand dunes tower over marconi beach in wellfleet, part of the cape cod national seashore

wellfleet: Dog-friendly activities

Wellfleet has some of the best dog-friendly activities on cape cod. Wellfleet beaches allow dogs in the summer, one of the few towns on cape cod to do this.

Plus there’s great restaurants, dog walks and hiking trails, and much more!

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Dog-friendly beaches in Wellfleet

Wellfleet beaches allow dogs all summer long!

There are two types of beaches in Wellfleet: public beaches managed by the town, and those managed by the Cape Cod National Seashore.

Wellfleet Public Beaches (town-managed)

  • Cahoon Hollow Beach
  • Newcomb Hollow Beach
  • White Crest (Surfer’s Beach)
  • Lecount Hollow Beach (Maguire’s Landing Beach)

Dog Rules for Wellfleet Beaches (town-managed)

  • Pets ust be on a leash between May 15 — October 15
  • Dogs are allowed on Wellfleet beaches year-round
  • Dogs not allowed on lifeguarded areas 9:00am – 5pm during summer

Cape Cod National Seashore

Marconi Beach

Marconi is another great beach for dogs on the national seashore. Lots of room here, with a huge parking lot rarely fills up. Dogs are allowed on the beach all summer long, you just need to stay out of the lifeguard-protected areas.

This beach has some really tall sand dunes, and a matching set of tall wooden stairs. Plan on walking a bit to either the right or the left on the beach to get to the unprotected area.

The waves are nice and big here, it’s a popular beach for surfing. Just watch your legs, there’s lots of sharks.

The beach is named for the italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi. From a site at the beach Marconi successfully completed the first transatlantic wireless communication between the U.S. and England in 1903. Most people don’t bother checking out the Marconi Station exhibit, but it is interesting. No dogs allowed there though.

Marconi Beach dog rules:

  • Dogs must be on a leash no longer than 6 feet
  • Not allowed on protected (lifeguarded) areas of beach during summer
  • Not allowed where there are nesting shore birds
  • dogs Not allowed on Province Lands bicycle trails
  • clean up your dog’s poop.

Dog-friendly Lodging

There are some hotels and summer rentals in Wellfleet that allow pets. Check out our updated list:

Dog-friendly restaurants in wellfleet

When you’re on vacation with your dog in Wellfleet you’ll need to eat, and there’s a bunch of dining options that allow pets now. See a complete list:

wellfleet dog park

No dog park in Wellfleet, sorry. but check out Provincetown’s dog park and other cool dog parks on cape cod.

Dog walks and pet-friendly hiking trails in Wellfleet

Cape Cod Rail Trail

view rules view map

Kettle Pond Trail | Cape Cod National Seashore

Dogs not allowed in pond

Do you know of any fun activities for dogs in Wellfleet, MA? Let us know. We’re always looking for cool places on cape cod that are dog-friendly.

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