race point beach in provincetown

race point beach in provincetown, ma

Race point beach in provincetown is located at the top of the cape when looking at a map of cape cod. Race point beach is simply amazing, with diverse sections where waves are gentle and sunsets are breathtaking.

This epic stretch of shoreline boasts miles of ORV oversand driving trails, spectacular views of whales and other wildlife, historic lighthouses, and amazing beach walks.

whale watching at race point beach in provincetown

see whales from race point beachIn the springtime on Race Point Beach majestic endangered right whales can be seen breaching from shore in the spring. these right whales have been spotted at race point beach in record numbers in recent years. Humpbacks and minke whales are often seen throughout the summer.

bring binoculars and your camera’ for a memorable whale watching experience without the hassles or crowds on a whale watching boat tour.

seals at race point beach

you can watch seals play in great number throughout the summer. If you watch the seals closely at race point you might see one pop up with a fish in it’s mouth, and soon small groups of hopeful birds circling around a few leftovers from the seal’s meal.

fishing for striped bass at race point beach in provincetown

fishing for striped bass at race point beachThe sharp increase in seals on National Seashore beaches hasn’t helped beach visitors improve their odds of catching prized striped bass and other cape cod game fish.  each seal can eat 30+ pounds of fish per day. however race point beach remains a popular spot for surf-casting striper fishermen.

The location of race point allows access to an incredible diversity of game fish, check with local bait shops for tips on the best bait for striped bass and other cape cod fish.

great white sharks at race point beach on cape cod

Great white sharks attracted to seals are spotted regularly cruising by Race Point Beach, so be careful and stay safe when in the water with children or dogs. the great whites are looking for a calorie-rich fatty seal and not a bony human or dog, but still use caution when swimming near seals on cape cod at race point beach. click here to view safety tips for great white sharks on cape cod.

oversand off-road vehicle (orv) trails at race point beach

The 4wd Off-Road Vehicle trails at race point beach are the largest of the national seashore beaches. The same orv beach pass gives you access to Race Point Beach in provincetown, Head of the Meadow Beach and Coast Guard Road Beach in north truro. race point has multiple air compressors available to air up your tires when you’re done bouncing around the dunes.

a distant sand dune backrops against race point beach

camping on race point beach

Race Point Beach even allows camping for self-contained 4wd rv campers for a memorable stay on a cape cod beach. orv Camping at race point is an experience like no other. orv camper stickers are available through the cape cod national seashore.

plan ahead to get the necessary orv equipment and watch the oversand driving safety video. the orv beach trail for campers is much less demanding here then at other orv camping beaches on cape cod like nauset beach in orleans.

parking, bathroom and changing facilities at race point beach

race point beach’s changing room and bathroom facilities are located at the beginning of the parking lot just past the park ranger check-in station. They are consistently clean and very well maintained by the national seashore beach staff.

The race point parking lot is very long and consists of many rows of parking set between layers of sand dunes. watch out for poison ivy and stay off the beach grass.

piping plovers at race point beach

sections of race point beach are often closed to protect piping ploversrace point beach will close sections of beach regularly to protect nesting piping plovers and other cape cod shorebirds. be aware of signs and keep your dog out of the protected area.

nesting piping plovers can be a nuisance for beach-goers on cape cod, but be sure to keep away from the protected areas and especially the fenced in exclosures that protect known piping plover nests. Scared plovers abandon their young and this will extend the length of the beach closure, so stay away.

provincelands visitor center at race point beach in provincetown

While at race point beach you can visit the provincelands national seashore visitor’s center. provincelands visitor center is the national seashore visitor’s center for the north region of the seashore, and is located in the parking lot of race point beach.

provincelands visitor center is a great way for newcomers to familiarize themselves with the many recreation possibilities of the cape cod national seashore. hit the bike trail, picnic, or just soak up the sun until it melts into the water at the end of the day.

race point beach dog regulations

The cape cod national seashore beaches all share the same dog regulations: Dogs are allowed beyond the lifeguard protected sections of the beach. Dogs are required to remain leashed. Tickets are given to violators, so be aware.

race point beach parking fee info

The u.s. national park service has made access to the race point beach and the cape cod seashore beaches affordable to all visitors. a one-day parking pass at race point beach is $15, but $45 will purchase a season-long pass for your vehicle. ORV vehicle passes are also available from the cape cod national seashore for Race point’s orv trails.

If you are over 65 you are eligible for a lifetime national parks pass for $10 which grants access to you and all passengers in your car. There are also free weekends at the beginning and end of each season.

The money from sticker fees at race point beach is directed back to the national seashore beaches and provides for race point’s bathrooms, changing rooms, outdoor showers, lifeguards and park rangers that keep the park safe, clean and enjoyable for the thousands of visitors who enjoy these unspoiled cape cod beaches each year.


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