the beach is definitely one of the five best places to take your dog in provincetown

the five best things to do with your dog in provincetown

Provincetown in Cape Cod is the most dog-friendly vacation spot in the world. Dogs are welcome almost everywhere in P-town, and you will find tons of other cape beach dogs everywhere you go!

Here are the five best things to do with your dog in Provincetown:

1. Let your dog run off-leash on Provincetown cove town beach

provincetown is the only town in cape cod with off-leash access for dogsthe Provincetown cove dog beach is the only public beach on cape cod where dogs are allowed off-leash. Few things can match the look of pure joy on your dog’s face while splashing full speed in pursuit of other cape beach dogs.

Accessible behind Lands End True Value Hardware on Commercial Street in p-town, running off-leash at the provincetown harbor beach is perhaps the most fun a dog can have on Cape Cod.

running off-leash at the beach at provincetown harbor is perhaps the best place to take your dog in provicetown
running off-leash at the beach at provincetown harbor is perhaps the best place to take your dog in provicetown

Please be sure to bring poop bags, and that your dog is trained and socialized enough to behave properly when allowed off leash around other dogs. if your dog doesn’t respond to voice commands and might run off, then you may want to stick to enclosed areas like the Pilgrim bark park.

2. Pilgrim Bark Park, Provincetown’s dog park

pilgrim bark park is one of the best places to take your dog in p-townProvincetown’s pilgrim bark park was recently ranked the second best dog park in America. Pilgrim Bark Park has a doggie water fountain, dog memorial, and even a dog art gallery if your dog is the artistic type.

p-town's pilgrim bark park is located at the corner of route 6 and shank painter road.Pilgrim Bark Park is located right off of route 6, and makes a great place to stopover on your way into P-town. Pilgrim Dog Park is the perfect place to let your dog run off some steam before heading into Provincetown for some shopping, dinner, or cocktails. View map of pilgrim Bark Park and get driving directions

3. Lunch and shopping on Commercial Street in Provincetown

Provincetown has more than 20 dog-friendly restaurants and dogs are welcome in nearly every shop on Commercial Street.

Your dog will find water bowls in many doorways, and dozens of other dogs to greet as you parade through the busy p-town crowds. avoid the hassle of parking in provincetown by taking your dog into town on the shuttle bus. it costs just two dollars per person each way, and dogs ride free.

Provincetown is the perfect place to browse through endless shops of affordable artwork and original paintings, jewelry, cape cod themed gifts and clothing.

There’s a dog bakery, dog portrait artists, and more than a dozen restaurants and dining options with outdoor patios that allow you to eat with your dog.

4. Walk your dog across long point trail through Provincetown harbor and visit the tip of Cape Cod

long point lighthouse, provincetown
long point trail will take you past two historic cape cod lighthouses as you journey to the tip of cape cod, including Long Point Light pictured here.

if the touristy crowds on Commercial Street wear thin, refresh you and your dog’s spirit with a walk on long point trail. You’ll pass several lighthouses and some of the best beach views in the country on this trail which is part of Cape Cod national seashore.

The journey begins on the beach right off of Commercial Street in p-town. You’ll need to plan your trip around the tides, as parts of long point trail are submerged at high tide.

A few hours before low tide you’ll be able to walk along the shoreline and cross Provincetown harbor on a dike as you pass along a beach beside Cape Cod bay past Woods End lighthouse. Eventually you’ll reach Long Point light at the very tip of Cape Cod, and one of the most unspoiled beaches imaginable.

As the name implies, long point trail is a long walk so make sure to pack plenty of water for your dog. The trail leaves you exposed to the Atlantic Ocean and it can be very windy, so be aware of the weather and bring appropriate clothing. learn more beach safety tips for dogs.

Be especially careful not to lie out on the beach too long, if you miss the tide you’ll be stuck out there until the water level in Provincetown harbor recedes again. Worse case if you get tired or lazy you can grab a boat shuttle back to the wharf in p-town.

5. Drive your vehicle out on Race Point Beach on the Cape Cod National Seashore

Now that you’re pooped from your walk to Long Point Lighthouse, the best way to relax is to kick back with your dog at Race Point Beach. While dogs are allowed in the public beach by the parking lot, the best way to enjoy race point with your dog is by driving out on the oversand orv trails.

the Cape Cod national seashore sells weekly and seasonal permits for race point that allow you to drive your 4wd vehicle oversand to stake out your perfect beach spot. You can even stay overnight in a camper and spend the weekend living on the beach in Cape Cod.

National seashore beaches require dogs to be on a six-foot leash, and they aren’t allowed on the lifeguard protected beach area or in locations closed due to piping plovers or other nesting shorebirds. you’ll also need to watch a brief video and have necessary supplies like a tow chain, shovel, and wooden board, so make sure to visit the national seashore website and plan ahead.

Race point’s location on the very top of Cape Cod’s northern tip allows you access to a diversity of ocean wildlife.

a whale surfaces off race point beachIn the springtime you can view whales frolicking close to the shore off of race point beach. In 2011 record numbers of endangered right whales were visible off of race point and herring cove beaches in Provincetown. Few things that compare to standing on Provincetown’s shore and watching these precious mammals breach the water and splash about in playful harmony. they come back every year, something few other beaches can offer.

fishing for striped bass at race point beachFishermen love the chances of laying into striped bass at race point beach, and during the summer you’ll see endless stretches of fishing rods lined up in front of the vehicles of hopeful striper fishermen. Many bring kayaks to tow out their baited lines in hopes of landing a monster striper, and whatever other species might be wandering past the Massachusetts coastline. Just make sure your dog stays clear of hookfuls of live eels or chunk bait.

Seals are omnipresent and often can be seen swimming in groups ofF race point beach, so be cautious about swimming out too far into shark territory. The sharks cruise many miles of coastline while they hunt for seals, and great white shark sightings occur at race point beach regularly. Be aware and don’t let your dog (or children) swim out too far. view tips to avoid getting bitten by a shark

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